Anomaly detector

Anomaly is a new analytic unit type, which can detect anomalies like this:

Algorithm smoothes data and makes a confidence interval using:

  • Alpha is a magnitude of smoothness. Bigger alpha value means less previous values to take for exponential smoothing algorithm.
  • Confidence defines the range where metric value considered as “normal”. Each value that falls outside this interval is an anomaly.

Let’s say we have a metric:

We can see 1-day seasonality here.

If we apply anomaly detector, we’ll get “false” detections every 24 hours.

We can set Seasonality period and label a segment that is not an anomaly:

Values from the labeled segment will be added to the confidence interval every “seasonality” times.

Learn more about anomaly detector on Wiki page.

Inspect mode and HSR

HSR – is a new concept which stands for Hastic Signal Representation.
HSR purpose is to inspect how hastic-server actually processes the metric. It can be different from actual metric because of aggregation interval. For example:

HSR has a different look for anomaly detector. It includes upper and lower bounds:

P.S. It is our anniversary release :)


Hastic Server


  • HSR for anomaly analytic unit #653
  • Labeling for anomalies #631
  • HASTIC_PORT in .env file #640


  • Thresholds error: from is NaN #621
  • Anomaly detector: Need at least 1 labeled segment #667
  • Queue or drop learning task on new learning task #664
  • Anomaly detector: wrong seasonality offset #671
  • Not ending learning for anomaly detector #665


  • Detect thresholds on the whole dataset instead of 1 value #505
  • Start learning after analytic unit update #647
  • Set ready status for span only after inserting segments #648
  • Remove old detected segments and detection spans when learning starts #650
  • Merge threshold segments #624
  • Remove old detected segments and detection spans when learning starts #650
  • Anomaly detector: send confidence bounds instead of smoothed data #656

All changes

Hastic Grafana App


  • HSR: Hastic signal representation #258
  • HSR in Inspect mode #279
  • UI for anomaly detector configuration #270
  • Labeling for anomalies #281
  • HSR for anomaly analytic unit #302
  • Save and cancel buttons for analytic units #310


  • Thresholds error: from is NaN #277
  • Broken Detect button in Threshold / Anomaly analytic units #283
  • Color picker is broken #275
  • Confusing Save / Label / Apply / Detect buttons #280
  • HSR is not updated when anomaly analytic unit options are changed #292
  • Seasonality checkbox is disabled on clearing seasonality period input #304
  • Missing detections on a bigger zoom #269


  • Optional HSR #273
  • “Add analytic unit” button style #285
  • Anomaly analytic unit: fetch confidence bounds from server #306

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