About Hastic

Hastic is a software for detecting patterns and anomalies. It helps to improve monitoring systems in fields like manufacturing, energy, cyber-security, telecommunications and financial trading.

Hastic integrates with many monitoring platforms and users can extend it's functionality.

For example, in telecommunications, the equipment monitoring system might be improved be helping operators to react faster and more precise.


Hastic development started at CorpGlory in 2018 by Alexey Velikiy. Team has solid background in monitoring software development and before Hastic, worked on Grafana plugin development and statistic applications.


Hastic is open source and licenced under Apache 2.0 License, with source code available on GitHub. For backend (hastic-server) used Python and Node.js. There is application for Grafana: (hastic-grafana-app) for interacting with the backend application. Hastic could be used without Grafana via API. Development team has plans to make integrations with other monitoring systems and develop standalone UI.

Hastic queries Grafana to get data from datasoures: InfluxDB, Prometheus, Graphite, ElasticSearch, PostgeSQL. It has it's own database for storing it's detections. It's possible to deploy on Linux, Windows and Mac. See downloads for more info.


We provide commercial support, priority bug fixes and impement requested features.

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